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InnoWeit- from innovation to vocational education


If you want to be successful nowadays, you have to be inventive – and that can be learned. This is why researches from Ruhr-University Bochum - the Institute for Work Science are developing the programme for further education “Innoweit – von der Innovation zur beruflichen Weiterbildung“ (“InnoWeit – from the innovation to the vocational further education“). The aim is to transfer the proven method InnoKenn and the corresponding training in various EU partner countries. Employees of companies in Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary and Spain can participate, thereby learning how to discover new products as well as advance services and working methods.

Innovation is the magic word – it means to successfully realize an idea. A company can only make full use of all of its potential by including most of the employees. This is one of the main hypotheses of the project. The project InnoWeit aims to find out how firm-specific further education could look like, with help of which employees could learn how to develop and realize new ideas. Therefore the method Innokenn will be transferred through the project. This scientifically developed method has already been successfully used in Germany and has to be adapted to the specific requirements of the partner countries and developed further as well as distributed through trainings by external innovation experts and in-house innovation promoters. InnoKenn recoerds innovation-related strengths and weaknesses in the areas of strategy, process, structure and employees and makes it possible to deduce firm-specific further education that is necessary for the employees. External innovation experts shall initiate the implementation of the InnoKenn method and take a consulting function, internal innovation promoters then will realize the method independently in the company. Finally, consolidation and improvement of the innovation ability in the organization will take place and with it, the creation and long-term securing of jobs. InnoWeit addresses the Europe-wide problem to maintain innovation ability in spite of demographic change and concomitant increasing ageing of the working population as well as of simultaneously rising demands on new development by improving of the adjustment between the developments in the world of work and the vocational training.

InnoKenn as well as the developed training program it to be implemented in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain and Lithuania and also to be further developed for implementation in Germany. The training program and the InnoKenn method will be evaluated and adjusted during the expert workshops in the respective countries. In the run-up to these workshops the InnoKenn method shall be implemented in at least five organizations of the partner countries. The expert workshops serve as examination for which contents of the training program could be relevant for vocational training regarding the topic of innovation ability in the respective countries. Apart from external innovation consulters internal innovation promoters are needed. Here it is about members of an organization, who have the task to introduce, accompany and evaluate the innovation projects immediately on-location. They work with the results, which have been obtained in the context of the method InnoKenn regarding innovation ability. This model, which is successful in Germany, will be adjusted to the specific conditions of the partner countries within the project. With help of the InnoKenn method, deficits and strengths of the organizations regarding innovation ability are being brought out and determined. These results though are the starting point for members’ qualification within the organizations. In this context, primarily specialists and middle and junior managers, but not in first line the senior managers are in the focus of attention. In the context of the training program to be adapted to the countries, in-house innovation promoters are being qualified as “Train the Trainer”, who dispose of applicable knowledge and realize interdisciplinary working methods as well as techniques in local operational solutions and strategies and transport them to the personnel. The seminars address in different levels both the middle management and specialists and the employees in production, administration, R&D etc., so that these groups shall be able to face the practical challenges of innovation ability in the organization.


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