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Research Projects


Project: Career 4.0

How can young people reevaluate and position themselves in their professional lives? This question is particularly relevant against the background of various megatrends such as digitalization (including artificial intelligence), globalization and demographic change. The EU-funded project "Career 4.0" therefore aims to develop a learning platform that digitises proven best practice learning content for young people and learning guides, thus enabling an innovative and interactive learning process. Within the framework of the project, the learning guides will first complete various training courses and then support the young people in developing a personal development plan, using various agile management methods in the learning process. The underlying Entrepreneurship Education concept of the project is based on several proven tools, such as the Employment Radar. The project is implemented in six European countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain) and is funded with 375.000 €.

Project: Enterprise+

Young professionals who are starting their own business create new jobs not only for themselves, but potentially also for other people in the same age bracket. Striving to make a contribution to the reduction of youth unemployment in Europe, work scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and economy educationalists at University Duisburg-Essen support this strategy. Experienced executives will nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young professionals in Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. The joint project “Enterprise+ - Innovative Potential Meets Experience” is sponsored with 450,000 Euro by the EU programme “Erasmus+”, and it is conducted by Dr Martin Kröll, Institute of Work Science at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Project: ProWAAL

The research project ProWAAL (Pro Weiterbildung AAL) aims at the development of a qualification program for Ambient Assisted Living. In four practice and transfer orientated modules (see figure) the participants from different occupation fields (e.g. technology and machine producers, engineers, hospitals, nursing institutions) earn competencies in order to solve AAL-specific tasks in their daily work life successfully.

Project: InnoWeit- from innovation to vocational education

If you want to be successful nowadays, you have to be inventive – and that can be learned. This is why researches from Ruhr-University Bochum - the Institute for Work Science are developing the programme for further education “Innoweit – von der Innovation zur beruflichen Weiterbildung“ (“InnoWeit – from the innovation to the vocational further education“). The aim is to transfer the proven method InnoKenn and the corresponding training in various EU partner countries. Employees of companies in Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary and Spain can participate, thereby learning how to discover new products as well as advance services and working methods.


Completed Projects:


Project: INKAS

The “Lohnwertmethode” (LWM, a method based on the value of wages) from the Netherlands, which has been applied already 4000 times, could be the key to less unemployment. The instrument to analyze and develop competencies should be transferred to six European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Spain). The instrument is based on the principles of dialogue and the strengths of employees as well as workplace related individual competence development.